Shape community priorities for transit-oriented development near the Federal Way Downtown Station

Project overview

Sound Transit is expanding Link light rail from Angle Lake to Federal Way. The 7.8‑mile extension includes three stations in Kent Des Moines, Star Lake, and downtown Federal Way.

Learn more about the Federal Way Link Extension project.

We are partnering with the City of Federal Way to support transit-oriented development on approximately six acres of land next to the future Federal Way Downtown Station. These sites offer an opportunity to fulfill the community’s vision for a vibrant city center with direct access to transit.

Project map

Project map


 Transit-oriented development sites

 Future light rail station

 Future light rail service (under construction)

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What is TOD?

Transit-oriented development (TOD) supports vibrant neighborhoods with direct access to regional transit. Bringing affordable housing, retail, and community space near transit expands connections to opportunities for all. We strive to be part of the housing solution by creating and supporting opportunities for development and affordable housing near our stations.

Learn more about Sound Transit’s transit-oriented development program.

Building on the community’s vision for the future of Federal Way

The City of Federal Way has been engaging the community for over two years to develop a collective vision for future growth and update their Comprehensive Plan. This input is informing broader station area and neighborhood planning to create a livable, vibrant, and well-connected community. Informed by what they’ve heard from the community, the City of Federal Way is working to create a City Center that is a source of pride; a place in which the natural environment thrives, businesses prosper, abundant housing options meet diverse needs, the community is socially engaged and feels a sense of belonging, and getting around is convenient and safe.

Learn more about the City’s process to envision the future of Federal Way.

Transforming the City Center and creating a downtown that is the civic heart of the city will need redevelopment of existing properties, creation of civic spaces, and a reimagination of how people get around downtown.

The Federal Way Downtown Station TOD project will support this vision by bringing a keystone transit-oriented development project that will be part of Federal Way’s City Center neighborhood.

Learn more about the City of Federal Way’s Regional Growth Center

Learn more about the City of Federal Way’s Regional Growth Center

The Regional Growth Center (RGC) with Downtown at its heart, has emerged as a dynamic and thriving hub for the City due to a sustained commitment in public investment and private, mixed-use redevelopment. With an eye to better balancing the land uses in the area, the City has taken action to incorporate more housing into its RGC. A variety of moderate and higher density housing developments, including renter and homeownership options, are located within an easy walking distance from the centrally located transit station. These features compliment the employment-based uses already prevalent in the area. Safe, convenient, and attractive pedestrian networks that connect transit, residences, services, and entertainment, with art and culture are hallmarks of the RGC. Public spaces and amenities, like plazas and parks, as well as quality building design have become key elements of Federal Way’s RGC. Recognized by the densest development in the City, it seamlessly integrates with the region by sustainable and reliable bus and light rail transit. The urban environment is enhanced with lush landscaping, parks, plazas, public art installations and community events that celebrate local community identity and local diversity.

What has the City of Federal Way heard from the community?

  • Desire for a walkable area.
  • Interest in mixed-use development, locally owned businesses, homeownership options, and affordable housing.
  • Desire for a Downtown neighborhood that reflects and celebrates local history, cultural diversity, and the vibrancy of Federal Way.
  • Increased green spaces, parks, and community gathering spaces.
  • Increased entertainment options, such as live music, art galleries, night markets, cultural institutions, and family-friendly entertainment.
  • Interest in permanent space for a public market and farmers market.
  • Emphasis on safety, security, and increased lighting.